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Stock Investing Guide


 Genuinely Practical Guide on Stock Market
✅ Real-world Examples and Exercises
✅ Expert Guidance by Founder of Invest Mindset
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✅ 365 days of Access to the Course Content
✅ Entire Course in Easy Hindi Language
✅ Pre-recorded Course - Watch at own your pace!

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A 16 chapter series where I take you all the way from “What is Stock Market” to “Creating the Best Portfolio” and everything in between. Sadly, vast majority of people choose only one option in the stock market: The trial-and-error method to discover whether they can make money in stocks or not. Hence, they end up paying huge tuition fees for every small lesson by learning them the hard way. The reason why I made this course is so you don’t need to make those mistakes when the timeless wisdom, knowledge, and concepts can be summarized and presented in one place. You may have been investing in the stock market but in small quantities that it hardly makes any difference. Or you don’t know where to start from. Whatever game you play in life, you need to know the rules to enjoy and win it. Understanding investing concepts, having the right mindset, and a winning investment strategy is what it takes to make it big in investing. With this guide, I have converted the complex process of the Stock Market Into Simple Words.


✔️ Most Practical Course on Stock Market
✔️ Real World Business Case Studies
✔️ True Step by Step Guide on Investing
✔️ No Prior Knowledge Required
✔️ 7 Day Money Back Guarantee
✔️ Knowledge of 200+ Books in One Place


✔️ Real-World Examples and Exercises
✔️ 16 Chapters on Investing
✔️ Pre-recorded Course - Watch at own your pace!
✔️ Learn Advance Investment Strategies
✔️ Build Confidence to Invest with Own Knowledge


✔️ Stock Analysis & Portfolio Strategy
✔️ Expert Guidance
✔️ Eliminate Fear of Investing in Stock Market
✔️ Certificate of Completion
✔️ 365 days access

Who is this course for?

If you have ZERO knowledge about Stock Market

Beginning your Investment Journey

If you’re in your 20s, 30s, 40s or even in 50s.

Already Investing or Trading

Anyone who want to Create Wealth from Stock Market

Anyone who wants to gain financial freedom



Have more questions? We're here to help

1. There are many books & free videos available, what's special in this course?

Majority of book just make one point. They make it, and then they repeat it endlessly by giving you example after example after example making the book uninteresting by second half. So to learn everything that is covered here, you'll probably have to read more than 100+ books. I've read practically all of the financial and stock market books that are available out there. So you're definitely saving a lot of time and money here.

2. Is this course good for a beginner investors?

Yes. All the lessons are presented in a layman’s language. The earlier you learn and start investing, the better. If you delay investments, you delay your financial freedom.
Also, I’ve designed this guide in such a way that you’ll not even need to do any calculations manually, I don’t do it myself either. Lastly, you don’t need to know high-level mathematics or algebra to invest, all you need is to understand the important concepts that I’ll talk about in the guide. As Warren Buffett had said: “If calculus or algebra was required for investing, I’d have to go back delivering newspapers.

3. Is this course good for someone already investing in stock markets?

Yes. If you have already been investing, you will enjoy the guide because of two reasons. 1) I’ve explained a lot of textual (must know, but boring) concepts that are going to help you level up your game of investing. 2) You’ll be able to grasp the wisdom from the second part of the book to build a better portfolio and enhance your wealth-building journey which is not taught anywhere else.

4. How do I contact for support/doubt?

You can mail us at or we can have a discussion in our mini discord community after you enroll into the course.


Upon successful completion of the course, you will get a course completion certificate.


Mistakes in stock market comes with no refund. But this course comes with a 7 Day Refund Policy.
My aim is to provide more value than the price. Hence, I offer a 100% Money Back guarantee. If you don't like my work, you can email us at within 7 days of purchase and we' ll help you with the refund.
So what are you waiting for?


✔️ Genuinely Practical Guide on Stock Market

✔️ Real Stock Examples and Exercises

✔️ 7 Day Refund Policy

✔️ Knowledge of 200+ Books in One Place


Welcome to Invest Mindset! Our mission is to help Indians level up their game of money, mindset, and overall happiness. Inspired by Warren Buffett's wisdom, we aim to transform your financial journey. As Buffett said, "If you don’t find a way to make money while you sleep, you’ll have to work until you die." Many people in India struggle with their finances due to common mistakes like debt, lifestyle inflation, and lack of financial knowledge. These essential money skills are often not taught in schools, leaving individuals to chance. But here's the good news: Invest Mindset is here to bridge that gap.

I, the founder of Invest Mindset, come from a middle-class background where investing in stocks was seen as “risky” or “gambling”. However, I discovered the incredible power of compounding in the stock market and its potential for financial growth. After reading 100s of books on self-help, investing and other categories, I’ve achieved financial freedom. Now, I want to share this knowledge with you, drawing from various subjects like investing, finance, psychology, and philosophy. This led me to create Invest Mindset.
Join us on this journey! Check out our articles on website and YouTube videos for valuable content, and stay connected on Instagram and Twitter. Every week, we post content packed with practical tips and expert insights on financial literacy and wisdom. Let's transform your financial life together. Because life is better with financial freedom!


l am grateful to YouTube algorithm for suggesting me this video, wow!! what an in-depth explanation for someone as novice as me in the financial sector. Keep Up good work 👍

By Rajesh Saha

Sir , Excellent Videos. l am really impressed. Thank you for educating many people through your magnificent videos. I feel this one kind of social service. The time what you are investing in making videos will be returned to you through shower of blessings from people like me. Please continue this Service 🙏🙏

By Shashi Dhar Gouda

Very Smart explain completely vivid. Awesome explaining of compounding for new investors as well as existing investors. Thank you so much for conveying the message.

By Mohammed Atif

I don't know who is behind that voice but man you are like a power house of knowledge about business and investment. 👏👏

By Omkar Saple

Brother l have been following you since you created invest mindset. Your videos are of great help to common people like us. Your knowledge is always helpful 👏👍

By Sahidul Islam

Hello Invest mindset , i am in my early 20's and started investing from this year your videos help me a lot mentally & financially . I have decided to start a SIP in inDex fund and flexible cap fund while learning to invest directly in stocks. My goal is FIRED too. Soo thank you for your hard work in making these videos😊

By Rajini Verma

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